We offer Training services out the Cranbourne Training Complex,  we have on course stables and                                                            access to all the facilities Cranbourne Training Centre has to offer. Within our own complex we                                                                have access to a walker and a treadmill. 

Breaking In


The process of breaking in a Thoroughbred for racing takes about 6 weeks, during that time they will be housed in their own box in a large barn with other horses nearby for company. Your horse will have access to fresh automatic water, they will get two hard feeds a day and hay as they need it. They have their boxes cleaned out at least twice a day to keep the bedding fresh and clean. By the end of their stay with us you will have a horse ready to go on with some Pre Training or turn out to the paddock for a spell before coming back in to training.

We offer a flat rate for breaking in, this includes all food, winter rugs when it's cold and summer sheet if they are outdoors during the warmer months, they will get treatment from the dentist, have their hooves trimmed and shoes put on the front, your horse will be wormed and will be groomed regularly.



We offer Pre-Training and Retraining for problem horses, a large portion of our clients send us horses with behavioural problems preventing them from being able to race their horses, we have barriers on site to get your horses used to the confines of a barrier, a quiet lead horse to get your horses moving nicely alongside other horses and the use of Cranbourne Training Complex for training in a busy environment with other racehorses. We can take your horse through from beginning its pre-training with us,  right up to getting a barrier certificate if you require. 

Pre-Training comes at a daily rate which is all inclusive of food, any other extras such as vet, transport, dentist or farrier fees will be charged on top of the daily rate.




We can also provide you with a video of your yearling going through the breaking in process, please let us know before you send your horse to be broken in and we can ensure we capture the whole process from start to finish. This is a great way to get a glimpse 'behind the scenes' of what it takes to break in a horse and you can see that your horse has been in the best hands in its first introduction in to the racing industry, quite possibly the most important part of the whole process. 

Or, if you would like a nice print for your wall then we can organise that for  you too.


We are extremely passionate about horses and strive to give your young horse the best start in life and a chance at becoming a future champion. We believe the environment we have created and our gentle training practices give your horse every opportunity to be the best they can be.